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Home accessories

Home accessories by international designers

For the all-important finishing touches, we're delighted to present an international range of designer home accessories. From ornamental plates to linen, candles to cushions, we have an eclectic selection of pieces that will add character and personality to your project.

Raul del Sol
Wooden decorative plates and trinkets illustrated with insects

KN Industrie
Elegant and practical kitchenware

La Fabbrica del Lino
Beautiful linen for every room

Sumptuous home fragrances

AMWA Designs
Hand-printed textiles, cushions and bespoke lamps

Big Eat casserole dish by KN Industrie

Cooking for large numbers can be a daunting prospect, but thankfully KN Industrie’s Big Eat casserole dish – measuring 36 cm across – is here to help you in the kitchen! Made of aluminum, white enamel porcelain and nano tech white ceramic, the Big Eat range both looks fantastic and is a dream to cook with.