Arty-Tecture – Where Art meets Architecture

Chrom-Art Exhibition Programme @ RB12

25 Oct 2018 to 5 Dec 2018

Chrom-Art is proud to present "Artytecture", a group show where art meets architecture, at RB12, Shoreditch, London, from the 25h October to 5th December 2018.

Private View 25th October 6.30 to 9pm (RSVP only)

‘Artytecture’ is a playful intersection of the worlds of architecture and visual arts. A dive into the minds and hearts of architects and artists from two different points of view.

On one hand, the exhibition is an encounter of architects who are also visual artists, with the purpose of finding out in which ways practice informs artistic output and vice versa. In the absence of the physical constraints brought by conceiving and building inhabitable structures, there is free reign for imagination where mainly bounds of gravity and budget remain.

On the other hand, we explore the work of visual artists inspired by architecture and man made spatial constructions. This is an interesting opportunity to look into other views of physicality via impossible perspectives, and different approaches to representation and function. But also a way to explore extrinsic attributes, learning how architectural landmarks are perceived and valued with memory and emotion, through the lens of an artist.

Participating artists:

Aldo Cupido - Andy Finlay - Daniel O'Sullivan - Ernesto Romano - Helen Shulkin - Jacinto Caetano - Lyndsey Pickett - Maria Linares Freire - Otilia Goodhind - Ting-an Lin

Pdf download: About the artists