Illusion by Ireneo Frizzarin

Chrom-Art Exhibition Programme @ RB12

12 Jul 2018 to 13 Sep 2018

We're pleased to announce our summer exhibition of painter and multidisciplinary artist Ireneo Frizzarin's work, curated by Chrom-Art in collaboration with RB12. Exploring the intrinsic value of actions, words and objects, Frizzarin expresses himself through layers of symbols, text and imagery, and through the relationships between them.

Strongly influenced by memories of facts, people and events, Frizzarin's recent works include a collaboration with Donna Karan NY and Gordon Ramsay.

"I often feel that all the holidays I have had, the different homes, and failed relationships have also been illusions; like the symbols I use, I had become used to living with multiple imagined futures..."

"These paintings are a description of me, not a prescription."