Spotlight On: Lithos Design

Working only with natural stone, Lithos Design creates surfaces that truly bring out its hidden beauty. Leading the way in architectural stone panels, we are proud to have them as part of the RB12 family.

Minacciolo Q&A: Customising products

In 2012, Minnacciolo realised that only offering off-the-shelf products is not enough, and therefore decided to venture into the area of customised solutions. We sat down with Monica Parpinelli, head of export at Minnacciolo to find out how they have changed their business to be more personal and offer a collection that can be customised to the preferences of the customer.

Interior Products: Customised Vs. Off-the-shelf

At RB12 we believe that being able to offer a completely personalised solution, where we can customise our interior products to suit you and your taste, is key. In our latest journal entry, we discover what capabilities our collection of brands have with examples of bespoke projects we've worked on too!

Creating a sophisticated dining space

At RB12 we host a monthly 'Dinner at ours' for design professionals. We are used to creating a welcoming, comfortable and stylish dining environment for our guests and we want to share that with you.

Trend Watch: New Metallics

At RB12 we aim to stay on top of contemporary interior trends. We've seen the 'New Metallics' trend emerging recently and with that, we discover finishes like brass and nickel - less high shine materials than rose and yellow gold, which have been predominant in interiors in recent years.

Twelve Minutes with Lewis Taylor

Design Director at David Collins Studio

Continuing our Twelve minutes with interview series, we find out about some significant design pieces from Lewis Taylor, the David Collins Studio Design Director's life and his advice for designing a welcoming interior space.

Turner Prize 2018: The Shortlist

The Turner Prize - the best known award in the visual arts world - returns to Tate Britain for its 34th edition this month. RB12 are passionate about art, so we'd like to take a look at the shortlisted artists for this prestigious award and the upcoming exhibition being held at the iconic Tate Britain.

Spotlight On: Armadillo & Co

Armadillo & Co are an Australian contemporary rug manufacturer, who have just launched their updated 2018 collections, Earth and Latitude. Their products are ethical and beautiful and we are proud to have them as part of the RB12 family.

RB12 at London Design Festival 2018

We are so excited to be part of this September's London Design Festival. As well as hosting a pop-up installation to take you on a sensory journey through surfaces, we will be holding an event in collaboration with REXA, bathroom specialists who are part of our RB12 family.

Twelve minutes with Harriet Forde

Founder of Harriet Forde Design

Continuing our Twelve minutes with interview series we find out about significant design pieces from Harriet Forde, founder of Harriet Forde Designs life, including a rather politically incorrect pouf from her childhood.

Raw Earth: A traditional material for contemporary use

Raw earth has been used throughout history as a building material. In more recent times we've seen this material reinvented to be used as a contemporary surface option for interior schemes. With environmental, health and many other benefits, we discover what raw earth is and where it's being used.

Getting to know Chrom-Art

A social enterprise that champions creativity and supports emerging artists

Chrom-Art is a London based social enterprise that champions creativity and supports the development of emerging artists. Regular collaborators with RB12, Chrom-Art curate exhibitions throughout the design space. In this article find out more about organisation from one of its directors, Javier Melian.

Twelve minutes with Rafael Borrego

We speak to the co-founder of RB12

For the second in our Twelve minutes with... interview series we discuss the multi-purpose, magical sofas of childhood, memories captured in art, and never painting a wall magnolia, with RB12 co-founder, Rafael Borrego.

Welcoming new members to the RB12 family

AMWA Designs, Gypsum Arte, Matteo Brioni, Fornace Brioni and Lapalma

Meet the new members of our RB12 family: AMWA Designs, Gypsum Arte, Matteo Brioni, Fornace Brioni and Lapalma. From lampshades to coffee tables, cotto tiles to textiles, craftsmanship and innovation unite these brands, and we can't wait to share their stories with you.

A brief history of glassblowing

Glassblowing is an ancient craft which has spread across the world since its origins in Ancient Rome. From studio to factory and back again, we explore the history of this highly skilled discipline that was once shrouded in secrecy.

Journey to the Kitchen Island

How the room at the back of the house became the centre of the home

Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen has seen the most transformation in the past 100 years. Long gone are the days when it was a room purely for housework. Today's kitchens are about socialising, working and eating – many would even argue that the kitchen island has overtaken the living room as the primary social space of the home.

Milan Design Week 2018

A round-up of an amazing week and new launches!

We had an incredible time at Milan Design Week in April, catching up with many of the brands and designers that form our RB12 family. It was fantastic to see some beautiful new collection pieces in the flesh and we can't wait to bring them to our home, the RB12 Design Space. In the meantime, here's our Milan Design Week round-up!

Twelve minutes with Susie Rumbold

We speak to the founder of Tessuto Interiors

In the first of our Twelve minutes with... interview series we discuss childhood design memories, uncomfortable chairs, Voysey architecture, gurgle jugs and cunningness, with renowned interior designer, founder of Tessuto Interiors, and former President of the British Institute of Interior Design, Susie Rumbold.

The Future of Dining - Food and Design

Food and Design – two of life's greatest pleasures as far as we're concerned! But how do these two key ingredients mix together? The potential for dining to be a multisensory experience is inspiring designers to reimagine how we interact with food in some incredible ways – including Artificial Intelligence!